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Our Story



Farmer Dave's family has had their hand in farming since 1922 when Bernard moved to the United States and bought the family homestead.  Since then, the farm tradition has been passed through 3 generations, and is now seeing its 4th generation.  Over the years the family has farmed commodities ranging from chickens to apples and apple cider. 

In 1950, Carl, the son of Bernard bought the land where we currently raise a small quantity of grapes & apples, and grow our hay.  In 1989, Carl's son David bought the land (Carl still lives on the homestead farm).  David takes pride in leading the farm with dignity and character.  Since David began managing the production of timothy hay, with his wife Theresa and their son Daniel,  the farm has taken great strides in growth and efficiency.    We have now been successfully baling quality timothy grass hay for many years, and are very confident in and proud of our product.

Recently, with the increasing use of the internet, the Brenner family has been able to sell small quantities of hay and toys to customers such as rabbit or guinea pig owners who cannot buy hay  in bulk quantities. 

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